How do I participate?

First of all - hurry up and register, spots are limited! Then BYOD - Bring your own device - and we take care of the rest! There will be snacks, drinks and an occasional pizza delivery, so that you can focus on your projects. Of course, there will be also enough time for relaxed networking and a lot of fun in between! You can use state of the art technology or pen and paper to work on your ideas. Feel free to explore something new during the Hackathon! Do you already have a project idea? Share your thoughts with us via email or during the registration and we will propose your project to the participants!


The Accessathon Team

Greeting and introduction

Why are we here? What challenges about accessibility are we ready to take on this weekend?


Jan Hellbusch

Accessibility consulting, Dortmund,

Inclusive design

Accessibility can be described by web standards and it is in practice important to make web pages compliant to WCAG 2.0. This approach has two drawbacks. First of all, WCAG 2.0 describes accessibility at a minimum level. Secondly, accessibility is perceived as a state, but in real terms accessibility is a permanent goal.
These aspects highlight the importance of including accessibility in the design process, as doing so enables us to create web pages that work for a more diverse set of people. A notable approach on incorporating accessibility into the design process is through “inclusive design” (AKA “universal design”, or “design for all”).


Rafael Regh

AI and Cognitive Computing

Advanced Computersystems now provide the possibility to master tasks that havent been possible to achive without a human. Cognitive systems have advanced in a way that provides computers the ability to see, listen, talk and understand context. This will be a short introduction into what's possible with Artificial intelligence and cognitive computing.


Student Projects

Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences


There are many interesting projects related to accessibility topics at our university, often initiated by students. We are giving them room to introduce their work.




If you have a great idea and need a team, maybe with a special kind of skills, this is the time to introduce your project and invite the other participants to join.


Patric Boscolo


Accessiblilty @Work

Microsoft Office 365 ist die neue Produktivitätslösung die es ermöglicht Office Anwendungen von unterschiedlichsten Endgeräten zu betreiben. Die Daten und Anwendungen werden Benutzern über den Browser, Desktop Anwendungen sowie Apps für Mobile Endgeräte zur Verfügung gestellt. Diese neue Strategie beinhaltet auch eine neue Entwicklungsplatform für Software Hersteller die sich in Office integrieren möchten. In dieser Session erfahrt Ihr mehr über diese Platform und welche Möglichkeiten sich daraus ergeben. Mit Office Add-Ins besteht die Möglichkeit Tools für die Barrierefreiheit am Arbeitsplatz in einige der verbreitetsten Werkzeuge weltweit direkt zu integrieren.


Stomach Rumble


It is hard to think on an empty stomach. Time for a snack and a good chance to meet and greet the other hackers!


End of day one



Register now, capacity is limited - first come first served.

We will reach out to you, to discuss everything in detail.

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